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Oil Portraits

Custom portrait commission from photos, done in oval, square, or rectangle format. Prices below are for one person in the painting.

5 x 7- $400

8 x 10- $600

9 x 11- $800

11 x 14- $1000


An original, unique work of art, something that can be passed down from mother to child, an heirloom to be kept and loved forever. 


1. Please start by sending me your photos, and share a bit about the people that are in them to be painted. (knowing a little about their personality helps me to paint them). I like to suggest sending more than one photo of each person, and make sure they are well lit and non-blurry. (they don't have to be perfect, in fact some of my favorites are the candid ones) send to:

2. After seeing your photos, we can decide together on the options and prices that work best for you, such as the size. 

3. When you have decided on the details, and feel ready to go for it, I will send you a paypal invoice which can be paid in half or in full, depending on what you choose. If you choose half, the rest will be due upon completion of the portraits. I am also willing to work with other payment plans if needed! I want everyone to have the chance to buy original portraits! I will always send updates with photos as we go so you will be part of the process.

4. After you approve the finished portrait and it dries, it will be packed and shipped.


Because I work far ahead of time, it usually ends up being 8-10 weeks before your portraits are done- drying time included. (depending on how many portraits and their size). Although most of the time I can complete them a bit earlier. If you have a certain deadline you would like to meet, email me and I am more than happy to work with you on getting them finished on time.